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35K regulation


The main version of this regulation is the italian version.


The VUT amateur sports association is organising the fourth 'VUT35K', a semi-self-sufficient mountain run with a route in an alpine environment, on Saturday 27 July 2024.


The Valmalenco UltraDistance Trail is a foot race along the paths of the Alta Via della Valmalenco, of about 35 km and 2,450 metres of positive altitude difference, in semi-self-sufficiency, starting in Lanzada, locality Pradaccio, and finishing in Caspoggio in a maximum time of 14 hours.
The organisation is affiliated with CSEN.
Each runner must ensure that, at the start from each refreshment point, he/she has the necessary amount of water and food reserve to arrive at the next refreshment point.


Participation in the race requires mountain experience and clothing suitable for temperatures ranging from -5 to +30 degrees Celsius.
The participating athlete must be fully aware of the environment in which the competition takes place and the technical difficulties of the race course.


a) Entry requirements
The event is open to all athletes of legal age who are registered for the current year with a sports promotion organisation (Csen, Csi, Uisp, Libertas...) or Fidal or Mountain & Trail RunCard or RunCard holders. Athletes serving disqualifications for the use of doping substances will not be accepted. 
Those without a membership card (but with a valid sports medical examination) may sign up for a CSEN membership card at an additional cost of 10 euros. All competitors must in any case be in possession of a valid medical examination for athletics on the day of the competition (medical examinations for other sports, e.g. football, cycling, skiing, etc., will not be considered valid).
Foreign athletes may participate in the competition if they are already registered with their own athletics federation. Otherwise, for insurance reasons, they will be CSEN members by producing a copy of their medical examination for fitness to practise sport or self-certifying their possession in accordance with the Italian regulations in force.
A copy of the valid medical certificate or self-certification, if not handed in at the time of registration, must be handed in when collecting the bib together with the signed declaration of liability (you will find it at bib collection)
b) Enrolment procedure
Registration will open on 15 January 2024 and close on 20 July 2024, unless the maximum number of entrants (400) is reached.
Registrations must be made according to the methods indicated on the website
c) Registration fees
40.00 euro
The registration fee includes
- race bib
- refreshments along the route
- race package
- post-race meal
- gadgets for finishers
d) Methods of payment
The registration fee must be paid by credit card or bank transfer, as indicated on the endu website.
e) Cancellation
In the event of inability to participate, the request for cancellation of the registration must be communicated by e-mail to
The following methods of reimbursement are available
- refund of 70% of the fee if the cancellation is requested by 15 July
- no refund if the cancellation is requested after 15 July
The refund of the fee will be made within one month of the end of the race.
The transfer of the bib number may be authorised - at the discretion of the race management - up to one week before the event, subject to payment of €10 for secretarial costs.
In the event of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, no reimbursement will be due to participants.


Italian athletes (including those resident abroad) must send a copy of their valid medical certificate for competitions on the day of registration, or present it when collecting their bib number. Otherwise the registration will be cancelled and no reimbursement will be due to the competitor.
For Italian athletes, only the certificate of suitability for competitive sporting activity (ex art. 5 - Ministerial Decree 18/2/82) - yellow form - or equivalent certification for which all the diagnostic protocols required by the same decree have been carried out - white form - are valid.
Foreign athletes may take part in the competition if they are already registered with their own athletics federation. Otherwise, for insurance reasons, they will be registered with CSEN by producing a copy of their medical certificate of fitness to practise sport or self-certifying their possession (if foreign) in accordance with the Italian regulations in force.
A copy of the valid medical certificate or self-certification, if not handed in at the time of registration, must be handed in when collecting the bib together with the signed declaration of liability (you will find it at bib collection)


The bib and race package collection operations will take place in Chiesa in Valmalenco, at the primary schools from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday and from 6.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. on Saturday in Lanzada at the start.
Each bib is given individually to each competitor on presentation of an identity document with photo, copy of medical certificate and disclaimer statement provided by the organisation at the bib collection, and all the obligatory material.


The liability waiver must be signed by each individual athlete at the competition office in front of the organisers' staff. Already signed disclaimers will not be accepted.


It is compulsory to carry the following equipment with you for the duration of the race
- camelbag or bottle cage containing at least one litre of liquid
- clearly visible race bib throughout the duration of the race
- survival tarp
- whistle
- mobile phone with ringer on
- waterproof windbreaker with hood (Goretex or similar material recommended)
- long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt with sleeves
- microfleece or long-sleeved equivalent
- long trousers or trousers that cover at least the knee
- hat or bandana
- gloves
- cup, glass or water bottle (no glass at refreshments)
- appropriate footwear
The compulsory material may be worn or placed inside the race rucksack.
The organising committee reserves the right to check the compulsory material at bib collection, during the course of the competition or immediately after crossing the finish line.
The following material is recommended:
- waterproof trousers
- energy bars or solid food
- some money for possible food purchases at shelters
- elastic bandage for bandages
The use of poles is permitted.


The maximum time to reach the finish line is 14 hours (by 23.00 on Saturday). A "broom service" will be set up, which will run along the course following the last competitor, in order to be of help to those who have retired and to prevent any injured people from being left without assistance.
A time gate will be set up, where a shuttle bus will be available for late arrivals to return to the finish area:
- Rifugio Zoia by 14:00 on Saturday (5 hours of the race)
Competitors who do not arrive within the set time limits will be stopped and will not be allowed to continue the race, and will have to hand in their bibs to the officials on the route.
To protect the health of the participants, the medical personnel present at the checkpoints or along the route are authorised to stop a competitor who is judged unfit to continue the race. In this case, the competitor must follow the instructions of the medical personnel, on pain of immediate disqualification.
Competitors who arrive at the time gates outside the maximum time limit, those who will be judged by the medical staff to be unfit to continue the race, and other athletes who wish to withdraw voluntarily, will be able to use a shuttle service at the Zoia refuge car park. It is possible that, for logistical reasons, withdrawn competitors may have to wait some time before being brought back to the finish area. Any competitor who withdraws from the race outside the predetermined points must immediately communicate his withdrawal via text message or telephone call to the number indicated by the organisation and arrange for his own return to Caspoggio.
In the event that the withdrawn athlete wishes to request transport to return outside the predetermined points, if deemed possible the organisation can offer - at the athlete's expense - the service via the available means (shuttle or helicopter).
As the organisation's vehicles are not adequately equipped, they cannot intervene in the event of an athlete needing medical assistance. In that case, official medical assistance will be required.


It runs in semi-self-sufficiency with the obligation of water supply of at least one liter. There are 6 refreshment points along the way:
- La Gusa
- Lago Palù refuge
- Mitta / Alpe Musella refuge
- Zoia refuge
- Cà Runcasch refuge
- Cristina refuge
Only competitors with a visible bib number have access to the refreshment point.
The food and drinks of the refreshment must be consumed on the spot; it is forbidden to drink directly from the refreshment bottles; the waste must be thrown into the appropriate containers.
At the start of each refreshment, runners must have the quantity of water and food necessary to arrive at the next refreshment.
Upon arrival there will be a further liquid refreshment; in addition, each participant can have a hot meal at the facilities set up at the arrival at the Caspoggio sports center: to access it, you must show the meal voucher.
On the way there are several streams and fountains where you can get water. For the duration of the competition it is possible to take advantage of the alpine huts on the route. Any purchase of extra food or drinks in the shelters is the responsibility of the competitor.


Assistance to athletes by family members or teams is only possible at refreshment points.
Accompaniment during the race is prohibited.


The bags destined for arrival in Caspoggio can be delivered during the bib collection, or starting at 9 pm at the start.
Inside the facilities set up at the arrival at the Caspoggio sports center, changing rooms and bag storage will be available from 20 on Friday. Scholarships can be collected no later than midnight on Saturday, upon presentation of the race bib. It is recommended not to insert valuables in the bags; in any case, the organization is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to the bags or their contents.


Competitors must present themselves at the start in Lanzada (loc. Pradaccio) by 7.30 am on Saturday. At 9.00 the start will be given.


The route of the VUT35K requires the ability to move on particular terrains, tracks or impervious or treacherous paths (slopes with rocky or detrital outcrops), sometimes exposed.
The VUT35K route follows the following itinerary:
Lanzada (loc. Pradaccio), Vassalini, Albareda, Barchi, Rifugio Palù, Bocchel del Torno, Alpe Campascio, Rifugio Musella e Rifugio Mitta, Rifugio Zoia, Rifugio Cà Runcasc, Rifugio Cristina, Alpe Acquanera, Piazzo Cavalli, Caspoggio.
In case of bad weather or impracticability of one or more paths, alternative routes are foreseen which will be presented at the pre-race briefing before the start.
Kilometers are not marked. Competitors must strictly comply with the marked race course, avoiding taking shortcuts or cutting sections of the track. The removal from the official route, in addition to leading to disqualification from the order of arrival, will take place at the exclusive risk and peril of the competitor.
The route may undergo changes based on the conditions that will be assessed in the spring.


In the most significant points identified by the organization and in any case in correspondence with refreshment points, an emergency call station is established. A rescue staff will be present in the arrival area. Rescue posts are intended to provide assistance to all people in danger with the organization's own means or through affiliated bodies. Official doctors are authorized to suspend competitors deemed unsuitable to continue the race. Rescuers are empowered to evacuate runners judged to be in danger by suitable means. In case of need, for reasons that are in the interest of the rescued person, in the judgment of the organization and of the health personnel, official help will be called, who will take over in the direction of the operations and will put in place all the appropriate means, including the 'helicopter. Any costs arising from the use of exceptional vehicles (helicopter) will be borne by the rescued person according to current regulations. A runner who appeals to a doctor or rescuer actually submits to his authority and undertakes to respect his decisions.


The race takes place in natural mountain environments with delicate ecosystems located within SIC and SPA protected areas. Competitors will have to behave in an environmentally friendly way, avoiding to disperse waste, collect flowers or harass fauna. Anyone who is surprised to abandon waste along the route will be disqualified from the race and will incur any penalties provided for by municipal regulations. To reduce the environmental impact, no glasses will be provided at the refreshment points. Each competitor must bring with them a glass or a bottle to be filled at the refreshment points.


In case of important weather phenomena (dense fog, blizzards, heavy thunderstorms), the organization reserves the right to make changes to the route, even at the last minute or during the race, in order to eliminate potential dangers or conditions of strong discomfort for the participants. Any changes will be communicated to the participants and reported by the staff. The organization also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race in the event that weather conditions put the safety of the participants, volunteers or rescuers at risk.
In case of interruption or cancellation of the race no refund will be due to the participants.


Disqualification is foreseen, with withdrawal of the race bib, for the following infractions:
- failure to pass through a checkpoint
- cutting the race course
- abandonment of waste on the route
- failure to assist a competitor in difficulty
- insults or threats to organizers or volunteers
- use of means of transport during the race
- refusal to submit to the medical staff check on the route
- refusal to submit to the mandatory material check
- lack of front lamp, windbreaker, thermal sheet, container for 1 liter of liquids
The disqualification can also be applied immediately on the route.
There is a 30 minute penalty for the following offenses:
- lack of whistle, long-sleeved shirt, pants that cover at least the knee, hat or bandana, gloves, glass or water bottle, failure to show the race bib.
The disqualification will be applied immediately, at the point where any infringement will be ascertained.


There are no cash prizes. In-kind prizes will be awarded to the first 5 men and the first 5 women. Each competitor who completes the race within the maximum time will be given a Finisher gadget. The awards ceremony will take place at 8pm on Saturday in Caspoggio. For no reason the prizes will be delivered in advance or sent.


By registering, competitors authorize the organization to use free of charge, without limitation, still and moving images that portray them on the occasion of participation in the VUT35K.


The voluntary registration and the consequent participation in the race indicate the full acceptance of these regulations and any changes made. By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to people and / or things caused by him or derived from him.